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A real estate agent is a generic term for someone who helps people sell and/or buy real estate, and lack services and tools that Relators® have because of their network. A Realtor® is a real estate agent that has taken special classes to earn the REALTOR® designation. As such, the main difference that you hear a lot about — but are likely confused about — is that a REALTOR® must subscribe to the National Association of Realtors® Code of Ethics. And, it’s not just a bunch of rules that agents swear to uphold and adhere to. These Standards are much more restrictive and confining as to conduct than those governing agents who simply hold a real estate license.

Realtors® have been following this Code for 100 years, and they will continue to do so for 100 more -each and every day. They are required to continually take law and ethics training as part of being a Realtor® member and sustaining their membership. Realtors® are true professionals that you can trust to act with integrity and to practice the highest level of professionalism. They have also been promoting the dream of home ownership for the past century, and will continue to fight for homeowner rights far into the future. [read more]

Remember the old phrase, “a picture is worth a thousand words?” Well, that especially applies to today as we live in a very “visual” age. The internet is the most powerful medium at the moment to review information as fast as possible. We receive this information -visually or as a text-, we absorb them and we consume them as fast as possible. Florida Lifestyle Realty strives to provide our visitors with accurate and interesting information about real estate. So, we have created this infographic that simplifies the selling process. Enjoy!

Home Selling Simplified